Ewen has been making Kiwis laugh for over 15 years and is adored here in New Zealand as Ewen “The Westie” Gilmour. He is without a doubt New Zealand’s most recognisable and respected stand up comedian and as such received the inaugural “Decade Achievement Award” at the 2010 NZ Comedy Guild Awards.

Since hitting the comedy circuit in 1995, Ewen quickly became one of New Zealand’s best stand-up comedy performers with a string of credits in television and on the live comedy scene, both nationally and internationally. Ewen was an inaugural Billy T Award Winner way back in 1997, and since then has become a legend with his audience and his peers.

If you’re one of the few who have not experienced “The Westie” live on stage you would have seen him on TV’s “Dancing With the Stars”, “Celebrity Treasure Island” and “Intrepid Journeys Peru.” A past star of Pulp Comedy, Ewen is also a regular at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival and has performed on almost every televised “Comedy Gala”, in numerous TV3 “AotearoHA” series, has appeared as a panelist on TV3’s “7 Days”, and in 2010 TV2’s “Comedy Christmas Cracker – The Work Do”.

Ewen’s  Road Madness  TV3 primetime series was a ratings winner. Road Madness used footage collected from cameras mounted in the cabs of trucks and on poles at trouble spots around the country to reveal some of the crazy and frightening driving happening on our roads every day and every night.

Ewen has appeared in every live venue in New Zealand and has performed all over the world including Montreal, Ireland, Paris, Australia and Brussels. Ewen was twice invited to entertain the NZ troops in East Timor.

As Ambassador for Variety, the Children’s Charity and a past councillor and cultural ambassador for Waitakere City, his work for charity and the community is highly regarded. He received a Variety International Presidential Citation. These awards are given annually in recognition of individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to a local Variety chapter.

Known as the V8 OF NZ COMEDY, Ewen’s outrageous style, sometimes wicked other times self deprecating sense of humour, will definitely have you racing from laugh to laugh.


  • 1997 “Billy T Award” Winner, NZ International Comedy Festival
  • 2010 “Decade Achievement Award”, NZ Comedy Guild.
  • 2012 “New Zealand’s Worst Dressed Man” – he is very proud of this one… maybe a little too proud…